Indian Vocal Classical & Light Music Classes


Jan 8th – Feb 26th



Indian Classical & Light Music Classes
Jan 8th – Feb 26th
Instructor: Anju Saran
This Vocal Music class (HIndustani Sangeet) is for children. Hindustani classical music is the foundation of any form of singing in any language from the northern regions – Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi etc. whether it is Film Songs, Bhajans, Ghazals or Folk Songs of India. Children will learn the basics of Sargam, Alankar, Raag, Aalaap, Taal, and Taan. The music lessons are for the beginners as well as for those who may have learned elsewhere before. The course is designed for children from ages 6 to 18 years. The lessons are taught by Anju Saran. She is Visharad in vocal music and also has a diploma holder in Thumari from Bhatkhande Hindustani Sangeet Maha Vidyalaya, Lucknow, India. Also, she has been teaching to children and adults for over 15 years in New Jersey. Please call at 973-206-1350 or email us at to find more details.


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